Shower Bottom Exit Waste Traps

This compact design is ideal for concrete or timber floors. It is unobtrusive and typically used in bathrooms, laundries, spa rooms, wash down areas, or any other place where there is a potential of water overflow.
The flat lid design allows the trap to be mounted flush with the floor, eliminating any potential tripping hazard. And because it is made of durable stainless steel, it can withstand the harsh environment traps often face in residential and light commercial use.

These traps are available flanged or unflanged. The flanged version is ideal for fitting into a concrete floor as it can be set and indented into the ground, while the unflanged version is ideal for welding into a stainless steel tray. Male threaded outlet pipe not supplied, refer to your installer.


  • High quality, durable stainless-steel trap
  • Easy to clean and remove blockages
  • More environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives
  • Ideal for standard home use

Technical Specifications

Code Outlet Size Flow Rate A B C D
TRAP 3080 40 mm 47 l/min 120 mm 131 mm 151 mm 76 mm
TRAP 3100 50 mm 68 l/min 120 mm 131 mm 151 mm 76 mm
TRAP 3120 65 mm 114 l/min 148 mm 156 mm 176 mm 79 mm
TRAP 3140 75 mm 190 l/min 148 mm 156 mm 176 mm 79 mm


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